put you on the hype shit

December 20, 2017

Yesterday was Momo’s birthday!

Because that whole second kid thing (ahem I mean second dog thing) is absolutely true, there was no meat cake. I did however purchase a massive peanut butter Happy Birthday bone, which she generously shared with Mia so as to avoid a festive mauling.


It was also just about her two month anniversary as part of our family, although of course (as is the way with dogs) it seems like a lot longer.


She’s brought her own personal baggage with her, which we expected since she is a Houston hurricane refugee – but wow has it been fun helping her unpack it (sarcasm mine). When she first came to stay with us, any sound at all would send her into a frantic barking fit. One compression jacket (it makes her look like a Star Trek the Next Generation cadet), dozens of decimated chew toys, and countless smother with love calming sessions later, she is already much more chill. Somebody can even drop their phone in the next room without her sounding the alarm from cellar to attic.

If we could have one birthday wish, it would be: now that you are one, could you please be taken to the dog park without screaming YIPYIPYIP all the way there?

Dog version of the growth marks on the wall, Jason for scale. I swear she is making the exact same face that my grandmother always did in pictures – get that camera out of my sight. 



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