nadie lo hace como yo

January 3, 2018

Some people after learning a second language apparently just have a dream in it one night, and then after that they continue to have occasional dreams where everything happens in that language.

I am by no means fluent which will maybe explain why my own first experience was so different. I’m not sure.

I dreamed (in English) that my university was requiring that all recent second language students come in for a final aptitude test to be allowed to keep their current standing. God damn it, I thought, and I went in to the testing center to see what it was about.

While I was waiting to speak to the advisor, I stood and looked out of floor to ceiling, wall-to-wall windows that overlooked the river; a river reminiscent of the Willamette as it flows past New Era. As I watched, three ducks flew in and settled into their nests on top of factory stacks. This was not in itself unusual, but I realized after a moment that it was odd that the ducks were large inflatable versions of themselves, like blow-up dolls, and that each had settled into a nest that was also an inflatable version of itself, like a plastic dinghy.

The advisor came to collect me, and told me that as a cultural capstone to my language education, I was being required to write an original poem in Spanish. Oh, I thought, well this will be easy. I’ll just write something about the ducks.

I sat down and wrote:

Los Patos están escribiendo un v en el cielo

V para la vida

(and then I woke up trying to remember the word for ‘wind)

Ellos viven libre en el viento


I am hoping that this exercise is my brain’s last required level of confidence in my abilities before it lets me start dreaming in Spanish for real. Fingers XING.



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