making waves across my time

February 9, 2018

This is how much I spent on books for school in 2017.


Each term as I collected course materials I sat around and lamented at the loss of cute shoes and haircut money, so I was not exactly surprised, but there is part of me that is still in awe that a book can cost so much. The average price I’ve paid for a textbook or course material, and I have scrounged most of them used, is 87.00. That is madness.

On the upside, I can imagine that my brain is now worth 980.38 more than it was in 2016, and this is not even taking into account the school books I was able to find at the library, or online for free. My brain has probably gained at least an even thousand dollars worth of book. Thinking about it in this way makes me feel like one of those accordion file folders that over its lifetime in the average office will expand to roughly 18 time its original size.


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