climbing our wings will burn bright

April 17, 2018


It’s so close.

I would like to thank the academia, and my husband Jason who supported my jackrabbit decision to quit my job, go to school full time, live like a pauper, and be too obsessed with learning for a year and a half to be any fun whatsoever. Also my car Charlotte who always had an old OSU sticker on her back window which I am sure contributed sub-consciously to my university choice, after all any other Oregonian mad enough to own this car is surely a kindred spirit. And everyone I’ve been a crappier friend or relation to over the past 13 months because all I could think about was on a page or in a lab, believe me when I say I’ve spent the majority of my time in my house but my theme song has been I’ll Be Coming Home Next Year.

Alllllmost home!

PS. Apparently the allures of ‘regalia’ are lost on me.


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