dear world:

June 20, 2017

Jason and I both hereby pledge that regardless of circumstance, neither of us ever has to wear anything that the other one makes.

First garden yield 

and stalwart defender of raspberry bushes

confidence interval

June 15, 2017

Great balls of fire, I passed my statistics class with a B on the first try. 

That popping sound you hear is my mind blowing, and I am requisitioning the sound of every champagne cork that goes off for the next month or so as well.

How to get over being consistently desperately intimidated by your sewing machine: use a serger.

And still rely on a fair amount of handstitching.

They are both janky in their own way, but they are totally wearable. 

Dog plus banana for scale. Yes that is how big she is now.

I hand sewed buttonholes. I felt at one with the giants whose shoulders I stand on, these the mothers and daughters of our generations bygone who have in late hours threaded the needle ‘one more time,’ and that crap. The mothers and daughters of our generations bygone would have been shocked at my buttonholes. I was myself, to be honest. They are a bit like sock puppet monster mouths. How did we as a species ever acquire the skill and desire for neat little buttonholes? One bitch came along with super mathematical precision and ruined it for all of us, I bet. Which is unfortunate, because while they are mine and I obviously have to stand by them regardless, I actually think my buttonholes are kind of excellent. Each one is a unique whopperjawed snowflake.

now that I can dance

April 5, 2017

I am currently taking biostatistics, which makes me feel like this about myself


even though it is a perfectly reasonable applied public health based math class, and is not most likely in any way supporting my meteoric rise to world domination.

Biostatistics, though. It sounds so impressive. So studious. So nerdy.

Life really is an amazing creature, as I have said before. You can learn all that there is to know about your ways in a month, and yet after years you can still surprise yourself.


and dolls go home

March 14, 2017

I would just like to say that when I was seventeen and listened to Astro Lounge by Smashmouth for the first time, I did not even know the word aqueduct.

I know this because when I revisit this album fourteen years later I remember that upon initial exposure to certain lyrics I pictured an overblown aqua duck.

I literally cannot stop laughing. That is all.

Here are some of the pictures we got of our lasagna for ninety extravaganza!

Because I do not have anyone else’s permission to use pictures of them they mostly¬†feature the prep process and me and my terrible hair, (ye gods why did it take me so long to cut that off), but there were six of us altogether and we bombed through the whole prep and serve like a skiff of super seafarers who have seasoned their pull togethers with a month of Sundays.



zuke noodles






The whole experience was so excellent in fact, that I am planning on doing it on a regular basis. I will most likely crowd fund for some of the costs of ingredients, because my experience has been that everyone likes to pitch in a dollar or two to feed and clothe our homeless neighbors.

Let me know if you are interested in joining. You get a sweet apron and a world of thanks.

-photos by the inestimable Ciarra Godson