It is not enough to teach the non-dominant hand to do the skilled tasks of the dominant hand. To truly function you must simultaneously carefully and deliberately teach the supporting and balancing tasks of the non-dominant hand to the dominant hand. There is no dominant hand. There are only two units of cooperation.


mama said

July 6, 2018

I’m wandering around haphazardly watering the garden and cleaning the house while my brain wakes up, and I became gradually aware that I was singing that You Can’t Hurry Love song. That’s funny, I wonder why, I thought. When my subconscious selects a song it’s basically always related to something I’m doing or thinking. Sometimes it’s as simple as doo, doo, doo, lookin out my back door; sometimes it’s as abstract as sail on silver girl. Usually I can trace its inspiration back to the activity or thought that prompted it.

This morning was a little different. I found myself at a loss to interpret my own brain to itself. I gave up and washed dishes, but I kept on sliding mysteriously back into the song.

Momo and Lucky having apparently formed one of their temporary alliances approached and relaunched their badgering campaign to have breakfast early. No way, I told them for like the dozenth time, if I feed you early you start waking me up at 5AM. You’ll just have to wait.


My brain is so pleased when it can understand itself.

PS. The more I learn about the music attached to Phil Collins the more impressed I am with him. Good job on all your eclectic sound ventures, Phil Collins.

This morning I understood for the first time the origins of a colloquialism I’ve never personally used but have been aware of for as long as I can remember. I was checking on the spinach in my garden, not very hopefully, and said sadly to myself ‘it’s totally gone to seed.’


I wonder if this is exactly what plants think when they see humans.

‘I think it’s not that nice eating paper.’

‘I think that a small amount is fine.’

– My current favorite podcast

No such thing as a fish

Momo is running like a crazy wild thing through the yard and in a corner she stepped on one end of a stick, which flew up like the proverbial rake in the grass and nearly smacked her in the nose. It would not have been funny if it had actually hit her, but since it missed and she just looked at it cross-eyes and bewildered for the moment it confronted her face to face, it was hilarious. Confusion of that sort translates seamlessly across species it appears.

we are men of action

May 3, 2018

Most frequently used dog commands: be cool; give mama some space; gently!

Sometimes I wonder if I was just meant to be a cat person, or if we really did just get incredibly rambunctious dogs.

Item: gently is in fact regularly pronounced exactly in the manner that shot it to fame in The Princess Bride


It’s so close.

I would like to thank the academia, and my husband Jason who supported my jackrabbit decision to quit my job, go to school full time, live like a pauper, and be too obsessed with learning for a year and a half to be any fun whatsoever. Also my car Charlotte who always had an old OSU sticker on her back window which I am sure contributed sub-consciously to my university choice, after all any other Oregonian mad enough to own this car is surely a kindred spirit. And everyone I’ve been a crappier friend or relation to over the past 13 months because all I could think about was on a page or in a lab, believe me when I say I’ve spent the majority of my time in my house but my theme song has been I’ll Be Coming Home Next Year.

Alllllmost home!

PS. Apparently the allures of ‘regalia’ are lost on me.