Dear Goodwill & Universe: 

I love you.

Thanks bunches, from Me This Winter. This is the first warm, hooded winter coat I’ve had in my life that fits me like I believe a coat should: wide in the shoulders, generous in the hood, and exactly like a blanket everywhere else.


These motherfuckers though. These you should never have allowed to exist. Just saying.


While I am regularly frustrated by the fact that to obtain the degree I need to do the job that I want to there are apparently a whole raft of classes I have to take that have nothing to do with said desired job, and that if you added them all up I will have had to spend like a year of my life and an unholy amount of money completing them, I am also often grateful. Yes, this is taking a long time and I have one life to live, but…

It’s really cool to have an academic institution demand that I spend entire three month increments learning deeply about things I would have always been peripherally curious about but may never have actually put any time and effort into pursuing otherwise. My curiosity net is wide, but it’s never in the same place for long.

Unfortunately ‘making a short video cobbled together with scraps of other peoples’ stuff from the internet’ is not one of the things the academic institution has thus far stipulated, and my skills in this area are not most likely very excellent.

That being said, voila, here is one of the things I learned a whole lot about, for my sociology of natural resources class.

the world got still

October 3, 2017

You got your wings.

I passed along the way

October 1, 2017


esas ventanas

pale death

no peopling

eagle eye

6000 ross



anybody home

side street



la otra mano




looking out


I feel like there’s a nuance of a certain type of devotion in a religious person, where they feel required not to enjoy anything on earth too much so as to avoid loving something as dearly as they love the promise of the good believer’s afterlife. 

This adds another matchstick to the bonfire of assurance I have going here that religions were all created by extremely insecure beings incapable of healthy relationships with control and humanity.

~just a little something for god’s suggestion box~

If you love something, let it love as many things as it can. Loving stuff here on earth is the most beautiful part of being here. Don’t try to keep it from loving things by promising better stuff to love later on. Jealous nutbag.

wonder if you can

September 30, 2017

I’m taking a class this term on critical thinking in social services.¬†Initially we’re focusing on critical thinking as a standalone concept and practice, and I was struck by this idea, which I feel is not often overtly advocated but is regularly acted upon.

It’s hard to move from the sort of mindset that identifies itself as open and compassionate and requires no legwork to maintain to one that sounds harsh and raises hackles, and means a never ending line of demanding inquiry.

Worth it, I’m thinking. (Critically). If we’ve learned anything recently as a nation it’s that making infinite space for all ideologies is actually not a great plan overall. Fairness vs equity, etc.

into the blue again

September 29, 2017



getting a ticket



garden city


locust tree


back of shop



the dogs

mufler stop



stay slim