year of the dog

July 11, 2017

Today is Mia’s birthday, mas o menos, according to her intake papers. The humans being as they are in our household, a sort of a big deal was made.


This is a cake. It is a meat cake. This means that I touched raw hamburger with my fingers, although when the time came it appeared that I wasn’t actually ok with it touching my mini cake pan. A lot of personal bucking up occurred, and I decided the hamburger would go into the pan tinfoil first. I just sort of baked it according to meatball instructions, and it actually turned out super cute. That is sweet potato frosting, and festive sprinkles a’la ye olde vegetable medley.

te presento

Mia sat like a statue while we very quietly sang happy birthday so that the neighbors wouldn’t hear us and know for sure that we were that kind of people. Such a mannerly dog when the potential for chow exists.


She was sitting so hard she basically bunnyhopped from sitting inside to sitting outside, an arrangement cleverly managed to avoid mash all over the floor. Not that we should have worried. Everything basically disappeared directly into her face.


Lucky, of course, celebrated in her own way.


We also ‘resurrected’ Sharkie, which means that we went to Ikea and bought another one, like the lying humans we are. The ‘reunion’ was a touching affair, radiating as much sincerity and violence as when long lost dragons meet.


I like to dream that one day far in the blissful future I will look at this picture and think, ‘I can’t even imagine that our dog ever destroyed a carpet quite so thoroughly.’

Year one: so far so good.

My version of save the cheerleader save the world.


Yes it really does relate, the dog sweat smell over here could very well bring down kingdoms and principalities.

Today I had two kinds of pie for breakfast.

pi are round

Long live that truest American dream, the breakfast of champions.

the deepest of cover

July 4, 2017



lake tree

abbey moth



overseas taste





Ohh, interesting, I just thought.

I thought it about this note on one of my class outlines:

Note that the module is the part of the COMET “Climatology for Forecasters” series, which includes Introduction to Statistics for Climatology.

I wish that our education system and society were set up in a way that would allow you to learn about something and do something real with that information as you go. Like, first class learn some history about the cultural interplay between natural resources and societal structure; first class, also do something intrinsically useful for a relevant real-world community, using what you learned today. It wouldn’t be such a stretch for schools to pair each lesson with an engagement program. I think it would make learning much more fun and incorporate it into more memory groups so it would stick around longer.

The main point however, is that as you went through school doing intrinsically useful things for the world, you could kind of count all that work as a job, and then: then you could go to school forever and learn everything.

Everybody wants to rule the world.

rockin’ evenly

June 27, 2017

That scene in Downton Abbey where Matthew finally lets Mosely help him with his cuff links makes me cry real tears. There is nothing better than a human being sweet. Not even forests. Maybe forests.

dear world:

June 20, 2017

Jason and I both hereby pledge that regardless of circumstance, neither of us ever has to wear anything that the other one makes.