the one with all day snoozing

February 25, 2017

Game night kept me up and out till 4am last night so all I’m doing today is dozing on the couch watching Friends and taking selfies. This one really captures my favorite piece of art.

After a school week with five papers due and a work week planning five community involvement events, being mostly brain dead in front of comfort tv is basically the best thing I can imagine. Except that I can imagine more pizza being here. 

One time a couple of years ago I was hanging out with an old friend I hadn’t seen in a few years, and mentioned that I was learning to cook.

You? Are learning to cook?’ he repeated, incredulity lining every word like down in a puffy vest. ‘But all you ever eat is Rice-A-Roni!’

And I was not offended, because he was not wrong.

Several years later, I am still learning to cook. I have figured out what one does with gourd, and how to keep eggplant from turning out bitter, but I still cannot slice or chop anything very well, and every time I make eggs or pancakes they turn out unfortunate somehow; a different type of unfortunate each time, too.

I am trying, but the bottom line is that I am not very comfortable cooking, and a lot of the time the stuff I make does not turn out very well.

Because I enjoy curtailing my activities to those things I exhibit a natural skill for, (not), next week I am leading a team of volunteers in cooking and serving dinner to ninety Portland people experiencing homelessness.

Every time I think about it I break out in a cold sweat on my eyebrow and upper lip hairs and I have an urge nearly as involuntary as vomiting to smoke a pack of cigarettes.

If any of you are praying people, I would appreciate a word on behalf of my efforts in the ear of your deity; the rest of you please cross your damn fingers.

Do it for the homeless. The fate of their dinner rests in my incapable hands.

I say hey now now

February 17, 2017

Old age: finding a super cute tank top and being outraged at its price tag; realizing after closer scrutiny that apparently people consider this garment a dress.

infused with the very air

February 16, 2017

More sports should be set to music. Also, I am pretty sure that 90% of opera exists for use in figure skating programs.

but in space time is erased

February 15, 2017


You who walk with me, your being sweetens my way.

You whose paths have diverged from mine,

on an upswing of time’s pendulum I release you to the stars.


we got somethin to leave

February 9, 2017

I have so many Spanish word of the day emails in my inbox (I go over them again and again, only deleting them after I absolutely know them and can use them in all sorts of sentences) that google has started populating its handy little ‘translate this page’ bar for me at the top of my gmail inbox.


Me tomo mi tiempo.