baby when you race today

February 10, 2018

The actual state of my living room (similarly destroyed kitchen and hallway not included).


Here is a closeup of the couch, poor thing. This is only like one square foot of it.

paw print

I am fighting a continually losing battle against squalor.


At least the grime generators are cute.


making waves across my time

February 9, 2018

This is how much I spent on books for school in 2017.


Each term as I collected course materials I sat around and lamented at the loss of cute shoes and haircut money, so I was not exactly surprised, but there is part of me that is still in awe that a book can cost so much. The average price I’ve paid for a textbook or course material, and I have scrounged most of them used, is 87.00. That is madness.

On the upside, I can imagine that my brain is now worth 980.38 more than it was in 2016, and this is not even taking into account the school books I was able to find at the library, or online for free. My brain has probably gained at least an even thousand dollars worth of book. Thinking about it in this way makes me feel like one of those accordion file folders that over its lifetime in the average office will expand to roughly 18 time its original size.

the lantern burn that easy

February 8, 2018

One of the course requirements of my Spanish classes was to make flashcards to share with my classmates; we had to use a photo or a drawing on one side, and the word in Spanish on the other. This was to help our brains soak up the knowledge in as many different ways as possible, and I loved it. Seeing what everyone else had drawn on flashcard day was always hilarious. I laughed more in Spanish class than I’ve laughed in every other class combined.

I was looking through these cards again this morning to keep the old brain sharp, and laughing at them all over again. Not every card is funny or even interesting, but some of them still crack me up. Without further introduction, for your viewing pleasure and educational benefit, here are a few of my faves:









Few things in life thus far have hurt my feelings as much as Ann Taylor beginning to market to me.

the chorus to the verse

February 3, 2018



fuck you all



flag mountain

die young


altogether now


plastics and digital foils

January 30, 2018

At the ripe old age of thirty four I have obtained my first food handlers card. I am unreasonably proud.

fuiste tú

January 4, 2018





leaves and peel


se 82nd

last cup for pcc

ice on the window

the blue towers

christmas eve

xmas 41 years

old baby jesus

life 11 63


work table


o darn

me and lucky

momo and lucky

ready for her closeup

holiday window